Face to Face consultancy

AUK Global can offer a face to face consultancy service. This ranges from an initial consultancy meeting to discuss your needs, your strengths, and to discuss what you need to move forward, to wider ranging long-term planning issues.

This initial meeting can take place with us either in our offices in Luton, or we can potentially travel to you based on your location and needs. Costs for this initial assessment meeting will vary according to location, your individual needs, and depth of advice needed and given. Dependant on your particular needs, we will arrange an appropriate experienced person to have this initial consultation meeting with you. Consultants from AUK Global will range from people with extensive business experience, through to specialists in your appropriate area of need, from business development, fund raising, through to areas such as web development, technology experts, cyber security experts, CCTV experts, and many other areas we can help you with.