Advanced Technology and Research

Members of the AUK Global team are, or are working closely with some leading technology experts in the UK, experts who have won global awards for their work, also leading research experts across many fields. We also work closely with Bedfordshire University.

We can offer world class data driven reporting and database driven collection services. This could be for example a system which collects reported sales information from hundreds of global retailers and sellers, which collates this information and processes it to report on thousands of products to hundreds of content owners. A good example of this being our own custom built system which collates payments and reports for thousands of digital book products for AUK clients.

AUK Global is also a supplier of technology equipment and services both within the UK and to countries outside of the UK. We can potentially help with design and to organise manufacture of technology-based products. We are happy to discuss your potential needs, if need be under NDA for both parties protection. From design, to prototyping, to manufacture, to distribution, to sales we can help you every step of the way.

Please contact us with an outline of your needs.