About Us

AUK Global is the trading name of part of Andrews UK Limited, a UK based but global reaching digital content company. The company was founded by Paul Andrews in the year 2000 after working in major blue chip companies for many years prior to that. As well as AUK the publishing company Paul also works within several other growth companies, such as a games console company, internet business sales network, PR brand, and media studio creation company.

Our AUK Global team, built up of both permanent members, and our network of highly skilled and trusted people we have worked with closely over the years, cover a wide range of business and technical skills and experience. People both permanent Andrews UK Limited staff and our associates work with not only business and individual needing advice and help, but also working with a wide range of government and trade bodies, from IP issues, to major infrastructure investment, we are talking to the right people, which means you are talking to the right people.

AUK Global now offers you the chance to use our skill base, and help nurture and grow your business by working with us. Offering a wide range of skills and services, from business start-up knowledge and mentoring, fund raising campaigns such as crowdfunding, business growth advice and nurturing, PR and Marketing services, as well as a wide range of technical services and media content creation. Exporting from the UK to the rest of the world, advertising, staff recruitment, and so on. If you need to grow your new business or need help with your existing one, please speak to AUK Global.